Machine Hallucinations - Perennial Pigmentations: C
Bruton Street, London
08 May 23 - 07 Jul 23

Launched on May 6, The Window is a new public art project by Chanel Culture Fund. Available for viewing 24 hours a day at the ground floor of the Time & Life building on Bruton Street, The Window showcases compelling pieces of contemporary digital art that attempt to create conversations among the passersby in London’s Mayfair. Machine Hallucinations – Perennial Pigmentations: C by Refik Anadol is the first in the series of digital art installations that will animate The Window.

As a pioneering media artist, Refik Anadol explores creative human-machine collaborations by extending a dynamic relationship between art, nature, science, and technology into the future. The artist’s AI Data Sculptures display intricate layers of machine-generated dreams that suggest a connection with a universe of unimaginable vast data and trigger a new sense of belonging to our surroundings. Perennial Pigmentations draws upon a dataset of millions of publicly available perennial flower images collected and processed through a custom software developed by Refik Anadol Studio in Los Angeles. The work attempts to challenge our perceptions of flora by simulating them outside their natural habitat and celebrate the latent sensations that floral patterns and colors induce. 

MEDIUM :                           AI DATA PAINTING

DURATION :                      16 MINUTES

DATA :                                  IMAGES OF PERENNIAL FLOWERS

4270 x 2401mm Size @ 1.5mm Pitch
Pixel Dims: 2688 x 1512px.
Custom PC – i9, RTX3090

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