Large Nature Model — Living Art
A/V Performance, Installation
San Jose, CA
18 Mar 24 - 22 Mar 24

After a stunning premiere at the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, immersive artworks based on Refik Anadol Studio’s Large Nature Model came to the U.S. for the first time at NVIDIA GTC 2024. Offering a deep dive into the synergy between AI and the natural world, Anadol presented a multisensory work, “Large Nature Model: A Living Archive.”

Situated prominently on the main concourse of the San Jose Convention Center, where the global AI event took place in March 2024, “Large Nature Model: A Living Archive” immersed attendees in an unprecedented digital portrayal of Earth’s ecosystems. The scenes were rendered, realtime, in breathtaking clarity across 16k resolution screens with a total output of 50 million pixels just before CEO Jensen Huang’s Keynote to 18.000 attendees.
Fueled by NVIDIA’s advanced AI technology, including powerful DGX A100 stations and high-performance GPUs, the exhibition offered a captivating journey through our planet’s ecosystems with stunning visuals, sounds and scents.

Refik Anadol, recognized by The Economist as “the artist of the moment,” has emerged as a key figure in AI art. His work, notable for its use of data and machine learning, places him at the forefront of a generation pushing the boundaries between technology, interdisciplinary research and aesthetics. Anadol’s influence reflects a wider movement in the art world towards embracing digital innovation, setting new precedents in how art is created and experienced.

Exhibition Details
Event: NVIDIA GTC 2024
Dates: March 18-21, 2024
Location: Main concourse at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center
Display: The installation featured two towering screens, each four meters high.
The larger, 4×12-meter screen showcased Anadol’s centerpiece “Large Nature Model: Living Archive.”
The smaller 4×6-meter screen offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes process of building the Large Nature Model.

Refik Anadol Studio
Alex Morozov
Caio Villela
Christian Burke
Cosku Turhan
Daniel Seungmin Lee
Dasha Orlova
Delaney Kough
Efe Mert Kaya
Efsun Erkilic
Ho Man Leung
Hye Min Cho
Jules Hyun
Kelian Maissen
Kerim Karaoglu
Kyle McLean
Linda Berke
Maurizio Braggiotti
Mert Cobanov
Michael Hsiu
Nidhi Parsana
Pelin Kivrak
Sebastian Monroy
Simon Burke
Tobias Heinemann
Yufan Xie

Thanks to;
Jensen Huang
David Wright
Rory Loeb
Heather Schoell
Brian Dowdy
Entire NVIDIA Team

Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
Large Nature Model : Living Art at NVIDIA GTC 2024
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